Marietta Hospital

Our solutions include casework for exam & procedure rooms, operating suites, patient rooms and detailed finishes on custom nurses stations.

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Cleveland Heights

A “New Tech” school featuring project based learning curriculums requires unique solutions in their STEM lab classrooms.

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Denison University Ebaugh Hall

Features premium wood casework, custom table systems and chemical fume hoods.

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University of Akron Wolf Ledges

Flexible height adjustable table systems supported by overhead service carriers help to future-proof the lab spaces at the University.

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University of Cincinnati Rieveschl Hall

Sharp site lines, integrated services and unparalelled adaptability are hallmarks of this environment.


Bowling Green University



Hilliard Bradley High School

High School science classrooms need flexibility for student/teacher interaction and group instruction. Unique approaches in classroom/laboratory configurations and individualized drawer storage are prominent as education curriculums progress.


Hilliard Bradley High School

From classrooms for science, the Arts, Music and general education, through common spaces like libraries for group gathering and collaboration...Stonecreek Interior Systems assists the school district and their chosen design/construction team in delivering their vision.


Our Partners

Innovative products, sustainable products and design-driven products mark our manufacturers' offerings. We partner with dedicated and dependable professionals that keep their commitments. The result…your project and installation are successful and on time.


We Deliver Project Management and Installation

Our full-service offices in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana are staffed by long tenured, industry-best professionals that take ownership of your project. Project managers, site foremen and carpenters lead our Stonecreek installation crews to provide you with a turnkey project installation. Project management is who we are.


Satisfied Customers

“Stonecreek was great to work with. The casework is beautiful, good installation, and great people.”


-Ramsey Martin, Project Architect 


Lord, Aeck & Sargent Architecture

Laboratory Planner & Architect 



Stonecreek is Chosen for an IUC-PG Ohio Price Agreement Award 


Stonecreek Interior Systems was awarded a Price Agreement (PA) by the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group of Ohio. Award number UN12-033. Our represented manufacturers include:

  • Case Systems, Inc. - Plastic Laminate Casework and Countertops
  • CiF Lab Solutions - Metal, Wood Lab Casework, Flexible Lab Table Systems and Fume Hoods
  • DURCON - Epoxy and Phenolic Countertops, Sinks, and Pegboards
  • Watersaver - Water, Gas, Air, Eyewash and Safety Stations
  • Air Master - Ductless "Green" Fume Hoods and Metal and Stainless Steel Casework 

The Inter-University Council Purchasing Group of Ohio, Frequently called the IUC-PG, is a purchasing consortium comprised of the purchasing officers of the State of Ohio institutions of higher education. The organization has eighty-five members made up of the fourteen state universities, fourteen community colleges, nine technical colleges and fourty-eight private educational institutions. The purpose to the Price Agreement Awards is to allow the IUC-PG members to buy at optimum quantity discounts. 

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