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IUC Inter-University Council of Ohio Purchasing Group

Purchase your New Higher Ed Laboratory though IUC-PG

The Inter-University Council Purchasing Group of Ohio, frequently called the IUC-PG, is a purchasing consortium comprised of the purchasing officers of the State of Ohio institutions of higher education. The organization has 88 members made up of the 14 state universities, 14 community colleges, 9 technical colleges and 50 private educational institutions.

The purpose of the formation was to achieve a standardization of requirements, methods of operation and to buy at optimum quantity discounts. The purchasing officers were also charged with the creation of Price Agreements (PA) for use by the members.

Stonecreek Interior Systems was awarded a Price Agreement (PA) in 2012 (UN12-033). Our represented manufacturers include:

  • Case Systems, Inc – Plastic Laminate Casework and Work surfaces
  • CiF Lab Solutions – Metal, Wood Lab Casework, Table Systems and Fume Hoods
  • DURCON – Epoxy and Phenolic Tops, Sinks and Pegboards
  • Watersaver – Water, Gas, Air, Eyewash and Safety Stations
  • Air Master – Ductless “Green” Fume Hoods and Metal and Stainless Steel Casework

For more information and assistance please contact Mike Lee at (740) 549- 6810 or mlee@stonecreek.cc